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Recent Poll Shows Troubling News For Kinect

Microsoft’s Kinect is, without a doubt, the most innovative motion control peripheral in development, with some industry professionals even going so far as to say that the Wii and Playstation’s Move are the same thing.  But despite the massive hype that

Molyneux Says Wii and Move Are Essentially The Same Product

Speaking to UGO at E3, Peter Molyneux, the mind behind Fable, Black & White, and Milo (the original Kinect tech demo), said that he doesn’t see much difference between PlayStation’s Move motion controller and the Wii.

Microsoft Kinect Price Confirmed

Sure, it’s been anticipated for months. Sure, it was Microsoft’s biggest feature at this year’s E3. Sure, it’s really shiny. But what is the Kinect really worth?

No Red Ring of Death on New Xbox 360’s

Did you hear? Microsoft announced a new Xbox 360 during their press conference at E3 on Monday. It’s smaller, it’s shiny, and black, it features a 250 GB hard drive, integrated wi-fi, a smaller power brick, and a lot of

E3 2010: A Look At The Xbox 360 Slim

Talk about a redesign. As E3 begins, it seems some advertisers just couldn’t wait to begin posting ads for the redesigned Xbox 360 slim. Oft-rumored about in the run-up to E3, it seems the Xbox 360 Slim is real.