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Casting Set for Mortal Kombat Live Action Digital Series

Round One…FIGHT! Series to Debut this Spring. More details after the jump.

MS Offering Users Ability to Check Out Next Dashboard Update

Today Microsoft announced a preview of the new Xbox 360 System Update, available to thousands of Xbox LIVE users, both Silver and Gold. In order to test the System Update and see how it performs ahead of its official release,

Microsoft Brings Down the Banhammer On Reach Pirates

Tweet   By now, it’s not really news that Halo: Reach has been leaked and is available for illegal download from more than a few sites. And while the fact that a game was leaked before its release date shouldn’t

XBLA On Pace For Record Year

Xbox LIVE Arcade is having a great year, according to an analyst group that reports XBLA has grown 13 percent, to $46.1 million in sales in the first half of 2010. The sales were bolstered by Microsoft’s Block Party event

Halo: Reach Bundle Revealed

A $400 Halo: Reach 360 bundle is incoming with the release of the hotly anticipated game this September. HaloTips, a Halo fan site, posted an image that they snapped on Xbox.com before it was taken down showing a $400, silver,