Halo: Reach Bundle Revealed

A $400 Halo: Reach 360 bundle is incoming with the release of the hotly anticipated game this September.

HaloTips, a Halo fan site, posted an image that they snapped on Xbox.com before it was taken down showing a $400, silver, slim Xbox 360 bundle, which was confirmed later this evening by Microsoft.

According to Microsoft’s press release, the Halo: Reach Bundle will ship on launch day and will provide an Xbox 360 slim, a pair of custom, Halo: Reach wireless controllers, a Halo: Reach themed headset, a standard edition copy of the game, an episode of Halo Legends and a token for the limited edition Elite armor set.

Most interesting, however, may be the fact that the Halo: Reach bundle will not only capture “the look and feel of the game but also features custom sound effects from the ‘Halo’ universe”.

So, boot up your 360 and what will you hear? Well, Microsoft didn’t specify, but you can bet it will be a sound from Halo.

Microsoft also released an unboxing of the special edition bundle via the Halo.Xbox.com website. You can check it out right here.

Exciting? We think so.

Source: HaloTips

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