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Halo: Reach Bundle Revealed

A $400 Halo: Reach 360 bundle is incoming with the release of the hotly anticipated game this September. HaloTips, a Halo fan site, posted an image that they snapped on Xbox.com before it was taken down showing a $400, silver,

Halo: Reach To Feature Scalable Co-Op Difficulty

Bungie has said co-op difficulty in Halo: Reach will be scalable. In a discussion with Kotaku, Brian Jarrard said enemies will be more difficult to kill and more intelligent when there are multiple players working on a campaign together.

E3 2010: Microsoft’s Press Event Quick Facts

Microsoft’s press conference revealed several really, really cool things, and several really, really boring things. Let’s do the exciting stuff first, eh?

Halo: Reach Beta Extended

Halo fans rejoice! The Halo: Reach beta, originally scheduled to end today, has been extended until tomorrow morning. So, you have this evening and tomorrow morning to fit in plenty of fragging before Halo: Reach goes back into the darkness

Bungie Signs 10-Year Agreement With Activision

Yesterday Bungie announced that they are joining forces with Activision for the next decade after their exclusive agreement with Microsoft ended in 2007. After years of developing Halo titles for the Xbox and Xbox 360, Bungie is looking forward to