E3 2010: Microsoft’s Press Event Quick Facts

Microsoft’s press conference revealed several really, really cool things, and several really, really boring things. Let’s do the exciting stuff first, eh?

1. Halo: Reach will have space combat. Say it again with me now. Space combat. In Halo: Reach.

2. Crytek signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft, announced new game to follow Crysis 2. Codename: Kingdoms is the game, and it will be set in Roman times.

3. 4-player co-op in Gears of War 3. It looks awesome. And by the way, the Lambent are huge! HUGE!!!

4. Metal Gear Solid: Rising’s first trailer. Incredible physics. Destructible buildings, slicing and dicing to a T.

5. ESPN on Xbox LIVE, exclusively.

6. All DLC content for Call of Duty will come to Xbox first in 2010, 2011, 2012.

7. Fable III is arriving in October.

8. A new Xbox 360 is on the way, THIS WEEK. It is priced at $299 and is just like the one we showed earlier. Turns out it wasn’t a hoax after all. Slim, sleek, with a 250 GB HDD and integrated Wi-Fi. Everyone at the theater got a free one. Too bad I wasn’t there.

9. Sick Call of Duty: Black Ops gameplay. It looks awesome. Good job, Treyarch!

Now, the ugly:

Well, the ugly is pretty much everything to do with Kinect. Microsoft showed off one casual, party game after another from Kinectimals, in which gamers play with animals to a new Star Wars game that utilizes Kinect to control lightsabers but unfortunately is also on-rails and looks bad.