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E3 2010: Call of Duty: Black Ops Gameplay

Yesterday’s Microsoft press conference started off with a bang. Treyarch showed off Black Ops, and they showed off a LOT of Black Ops. They revealed parts of two separate missions and took us from Vietnam to South America. The scenes

E3 2010: Everything You Need to Know About The New Xbox 360

It seems the ad posted on an Italian website earlier this week wasn’t joking. It showed the brand new Xbox 360, which was revealed at the very end of Microsoft’s E3 2010 press conference yesterday. Obviously, this new console will

E3 2010: Microsoft’s Press Event Quick Facts

Microsoft’s press conference revealed several really, really cool things, and several really, really boring things. Let’s do the exciting stuff first, eh?

E3 2010: Kinect Is Small

Thanks to Gizmodo, we’re getting a good look at Kinect, and it’s not that big. In fact, early pictures of the motion-control device made it look much larger than it actually is. It seemed, with its oblong shape, that it