Mafia II Demo Arriving August 10

2K Games announced today that the demo for Mafia II will arrive on August 10 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. All three demos will release on the same date and will delve gamers into the world of Empire Bay through the “Buzzsaw” level.

The “Buzzsaw” level of the game will consist of a story in which Vito and his mob buddies, Joe and Henry, are sent to take out a mobster known as “The Fat Man”. The demo will take place during the first decade of the game, in the 1950s. The demo will feature hot rods, authentic rock and roll music from the era, and, yes, greasers. It will also enable gamers everywhere to experience the beautifully detailed open world that they can expect to completely explore when Mafia II arrives on August 24th in North America and August 27th in Europe.

The game supposedly features a script that’s more than 700 pages long, and is the follow-up to Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, an absolutely incredible, open-world game set in the 1930s. That game borrowed its influences heavily from films like Road to Perdition, and reveled in the era of mobster greatness, when Al Capone ruled Chicago and the Mafia was feared.

We had a hands-on with Mafia II at PAX East and though it was stunning. Read our preview, and get excited for the demo’s arrival in just a few short weeks.

And if that is incentive enough, maybe you haven’t heard that authentic Playboy magazines will be in the game?