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Ultimate Editions Coming to PlayStation Store Today

Today, Paul Sullivan / Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms has announced that for May 29th, the PlayStation Store will be treated to some amazing bundled up game deals! Details after the jump.  

Jimmy’s Vendetta Bringing Hot Action to Mafia II

Tweet   Did you hear? We kind of liked Mafia II. Sure, it’s received mixed reviews from the press, but we freaking loved it. Why? Well, it’s a great story, fantastic action, and it’s extremely well acted. And, while Empire

Review – Mafia II

Tweet   Mafia II wowed me with its beginning and at the end, it couldn’t leave my thoughts. Set in the large, open-world city of Empire Bay, an amalgamation of New York and San Francisco, Mafia II is a dark,

Mafia II Developer Call

Tweet Mafia II is approaching release next Tuesday, and we can’t wait. This pastFriday we were lucky enough to take part in a developer call where our questions (and quite a few other website’s questions) were answered. The conference call

Mafia II Demo Available Now

Hey wiseguy, the Mafia II demo is out, and it’s a doozy.