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Microsoft Brings Down the Banhammer On Reach Pirates

Tweet   By now, it’s not really news that Halo: Reach has been leaked and is available for illegal download from more than a few sites. And while the fact that a game was leaked before its release date shouldn’t

Halo: Reach Bundle Revealed

A $400 Halo: Reach 360 bundle is incoming with the release of the hotly anticipated game this September. HaloTips, a Halo fan site, posted an image that they snapped on Xbox.com before it was taken down showing a $400, silver,

Halo: Reach To Feature Scalable Co-Op Difficulty

Bungie has said co-op difficulty in Halo: Reach will be scalable. In a discussion with Kotaku, Brian Jarrard said enemies will be more difficult to kill and more intelligent when there are multiple players working on a campaign together.

Halo: Reach’s Extended ‘Birth of a Spartan’ Video

Yesterday we posted an utterly beautiful commercial for the Halo: Reach beta that showed off the birth of a Spartan, as Carter 259, the star of Reach, goes through the transformation from regular-old-army-Joe to a Spartan III soldier. The beautifully

Halo: Reach TV Spot Shows Origins of Spartans

Microsoft and Bungie are so excited about the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta arriving on May 3 that they have put out a commercial advertising the game. The live-action commercial highlights how a Spartan is created. Titled, “Birth of a Spartan,”