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New Halo: Reach ViDoc Arrives

Bungie has released a new ViDoc for Halo: Reach ahead of the May 3 beta arrival. This ViDoc, the second one from Bungie (excusing the April Fool’s chess ViDoc), highlights the multiplayer action and lets players know what they’ll be

Bungie Expects 3 Million Will Play Reach Beta

The beta of Halo: Reach is drawing near, and Bungie expects 3 million people will be playing.

Bungie Announces New Halo: Reach Gametype

Yesterday a new video-documentary went live on Bungie.net, showcasing the latest addition to Halo: Reach’s stable of multiplayer modes.

Halo 2 Players Receiving Halo: Reach Beta Invites via E-Mail

Microsoft today sent out e-mails to gamers who are still playing Halo 2, offering compensation for the upcoming online severance of their favorite multiplayer title next month.

Start Your Morning With This Leaked Halo: Reach Beta Trailer

First Halo: Reach Multiplayer footage