E3 2010: A Look At The Xbox 360 Slim

Talk about a redesign. As E3 begins, it seems some advertisers just couldn’t wait to begin posting ads for the redesigned Xbox 360 slim.

Oft-rumored about in the run-up to E3, it seems the Xbox 360 Slim is real.

An Italian website featured an advertisement yesterday showing off the new Xbox 360 Slim, which has a unique design in which the box bows in the middle and appears to be significantly slimmer, and mercifully, appears to have tons of vents for cooling. Let’s hope it puts to rest any more RROD episodes.

The advertisements claim it has a 250 GB hard drive, which is perfect for people who like to download demos and full games. According to the ad there is also a built in wi-fi adapter. Finally! The Xbox 360 has always required gamers to purchase a wi-fi adapter, which is frustrating because 90% of households have wi-fi these days and the accessory costed a boatload.

So, that sounds excellent.

Frankly, the design looks catered to work with Kinect, merging black colors together. In addition, though it looks slimmer, it’s not minute. It just looks a bit smaller, with a more “edgy” appearance. The most important aspects of it, though, are the internal ones.

Obviously there are no prices yet, but we’re hoping for $199, which would bring it down to Arcade price in order to entice new customers and perhaps get guys like myself (who has a circa 2006 machine) to adopt the new standard.

Microsoft’s press conference is later today, so expect to find out everything soon.