No Red Ring of Death on New Xbox 360’s

Did you hear? Microsoft announced a new Xbox 360 during their press conference at E3 on Monday. It’s smaller, it’s shiny, and black, it features a 250 GB hard drive, integrated wi-fi, a smaller power brick, and a lot of ventilation. Apparently, Microsoft is confident that there will be no more Red Ring of Death issues. Of course, it helps when it’s impossible to experience the Red Ring of Death.

Microsoft confirmed that the new Xbox 360 does not feature the same light system to inform people of errors with the machine. Instead, Microsoft says a message will pop up informing gamers that there is a problem with the system.

Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer told IGN that, “obviously the box has a way to communicate to you if something has happened.” He continued, saying, “Three red lights are not part of our sequence of telling somebody something is wrong.”

“Obviously, if you look at the success rate of the original 360s, we’re very proud of both the way the company stepped up to support the customers that we had as well as the success rate we have with the box today. I think we’ve learned a lot. That learning has gone into the development of the new box.”

We’re not sure exactly what the messaging system is, but we hope there’s no real need for it.

Source: IGN