Microsoft Kinect Price Confirmed

Sure, it’s been anticipated for months. Sure, it was Microsoft’s biggest feature at this year’s E3. Sure, it’s really shiny. But what is the Kinect really worth?

According to Microsoft’s official website, the Kinect will sell for $150. Rumors have been circulating through Best Buys, GameStops, and other electronics stores across the country about a high price tag for a little while now, and this all but confirms them.

The high price of the Kinect will surely come as a shock to those looking to get their foot in the Xbox 360 door, as now even a modest Xbox 360 setup (consisting of, let’s say, an Xbox 360 console, Kinect, a one year subscription to Xbox Live, and one game) comes out to an astounding $550.

To be fair, official word regarding retail pricing has yet to be released. Although from the looks of this, hopes of a much lower price tag in Walmart or Best Buy seem to be rather slim.