Rumor: 3DS Arriving For Holiday Season

According to a source speaking to CVG, Nintendo will make a marketing push for the 3DS towards the end of October, and could see limited amounts of the handheld arriving in stores in time for the Holiday season.

CVG’s source said that “Early indications to us are that the launch is going to emulate Wii in December. We’ve been informed that Nintendo wanted a long run-up to Christmas, but now it’s going to be a close-run thing. We’re not expecting a lot of stock before next year.”

Nintendo announced at E3 that the 3DS would arrive before the end of the 2010 fiscal year, which finishes on March 31, 2011. This would be a sensible arrival date considering the impact the holiday season has on the hardware section of gaming.

Nintendo’s official response is that they don’t comment on rumor and speculation and that as of now, any dates being rumored are just that – a rumor.

Source: CVG