Capcom Boss: Dead Rising 2 Will Be Better Balanced

Capcom production boss Keiji Inafune says that Dead Rising 2’s difficulty curve will be less extreme than in Dead Rising, but cautions that players will still need to depend on help every once in a while.

Dead Rising was notoriously frustrating despite an awesome concept and most excellent execution. It suffered from a poor save system that allowed for only one save slot. That meant that if player’s messed up because the game was time-based, they would have to start the entire game over in order to right their mistakes. It also had serious A.I. problems where survivors frequently were killed because they got stuck or simply couldn’t fight back against the zombie hordes.

In addition, there were several points where a large percentage of the game’s players reportedly had to look for solutions online via walkthroughs and FAQs.

Inafune said that one of the most attractive aspects of Dead Rising was that “it wasn’t the perfect difficulty curve and that there were some rough areas that you did kinda need to go on the internet in some cases.”

He went on to say that in Dead Rising 2 players are “going to need [a] support network, whether it’s people on the internet or whether it’s a friend playing [online] co-op. You’re going to need some kind of support because it is going to be a difficult game.”

That means that Dead Rising 2 will still be difficult, and gamers will probably have to either play co-op with a friend to solve a problem or refer to online FAQs and walkthroughs again to get past certain points that stump them.

He did tell Joystiq in the interview which was conducted at E3, that the save system has been revamped and will feature multiple save slots. Thank God.

Dead Rising 2 will arrive on August 31 in North America for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Joystiq