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Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Now Available on XBL

Tweet   The whole reason I bought an Xbox 360 in the first place, many years ago, was because of Dead Rising. Frank West’s zombie-kicking badassness was just too much to handle. I had to make the switch from the

Dead Rising 2’s Map

Capcom has released the in-game map for Dead Rising 2 via the game’s website today.

Dead Rising 2 Special Edition Bonuses Revealed

We recently ran an interesting article talking about the release of the Dead Rising 2 box art, and to complement the article, I thought it would be nice to share some information about the bonuses that will ship with the

Dead Rising 2 Box Art Revealed Along With Viral Site

The walking dead are going to be coming in masses this time around, again. With the sequel to Dead Rising coming up fast we can expect a multitude of decent little goodies popping up in the near future. To start

Capcom Boss: Dead Rising 2 Will Be Better Balanced

Capcom production boss Keiji Inafune says that Dead Rising 2’s difficulty curve will be less extreme than in Dead Rising, but cautions that players will still need to depend on help every once in a while.