Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Now Available on XBL

The whole reason I bought an Xbox 360 in the first place, many years ago, was because of Dead Rising. Frank West’s zombie-kicking badassness was just too much to handle. I had to make the switch from the 360. And now, well, I’m excited again because Dead Rising 2 is almost here. And you know what else is here? Dead Rising 2 Case Zero. It’s available on Xbox LIVE this morning for 400 MS points. Get it while it’s hot!

Case Zero is a prologue to the story in Dead Rising 2, and Case Zero is only available on the 360 – I suppose it’s compensation for the once 360-exclusive Dead Rising jumping ship to become multiplatform?

Case Zero tells the story of the protagonist, Chuck Greene, and his daughter, Katey. They arrive in the town of Still Creek hoping to have a respite from the zombie hordes, but unfortunately, Still Creek is just as overrun. What’s a man to do but fight to keep his daughter alive and help others in the town?

An added bonus is that PP, clothing, and Combo Cards gained during Case Zero will carry over into the main game when it arrives at the end of the month. For $5, it sounds like a bargain, right?