Dead Rising 2 Box Art Revealed Along With Viral Site

The walking dead are going to be coming in masses this time around, again. With the sequel to Dead Rising coming up fast we can expect a multitude of decent little goodies popping up in the near future. To start it all off Capcom gave us a taste of the box art for the game and a link to a website where viewers can track the progress of Lance, Gretchen, Wally, and Johnny Pipes. Why not join me after the break to get a bigger taste of what’s in store?

The website, Tape It Or Die, is currently down. Capcom claims it will be up A.S.A.P. so what actually exists there is, as of right now, a mystery. Though, what Capcom has promised us is that the aforementioned group of four are on a journey to obtain tickets to “the hottest show in town” Terror is Reality XVII. One can expect teasers for Dead Rising 2 and, probably, wacky surprises. We will have to wait to see how that whole situation pans out. Once the site is up and running (which it may very well be by the time you read this) there will be weekly updates to the site until Dead Risings 2’s release in the Fall of 2010. That’s right, we still don’t have a date.

Now for the box art. You can check out the stock photo below this paragraph and just use your imagination to place “PC,” “PlayStation 3,” or “Xbox 360” on it. Overall I feel it’s fairly decent. How do the readers feel about the addition of Referee Servbot? Does it lessen the impact the box art would deliver or does it add just the proper amount of comical emotions? Let us know!