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Dead Rising 2 Showing A Little Leg From The Bunnies

Chuck Greene, the main character of Capcom's Dead Rising, is going to be taking a slightly perverse turn in DR2 with Capcom's new deal with Playboy magazine. Hey, fighting off hordes of zombies can be a lonely war, ever hear

Dead Rising 2’s X10 Trailer

Dead Rising 2 was showcased at X10 and it was revealed that the zombie-killing game would be arriving on North American store shelves on August 31. The game will take place in Fortune City and will feature an all-new protagonist

Dead Rising 2 Arriving August 31

Finally! More Zombie-Killing Goodness Coming On August 31 to North America

Dead Rising 2 Appearing at X10 Tomorrow

Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 To Be Shown Off At X10

Capcom Profits Up 866%

Tax Refund Helps Capcom Report Enormous Profits