Capcom Profits Up 866%

Tax Refund Helps Capcom Report Enormous Profits

February 1, 2010 Capcom have announced that their profits for the nine months to December 31st 2009 were up 866% on last year.

The publisher reported a profit of 1.73 billion yen ($19.1 billion) and cited the Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney series as key to its success, as well as various Mega Man titles. Capcom was able to report such high profits thanks to a tax refund “for prior fiscal years based on the agreement between US and Japanese tax authorities concerning the revision on transfer pricing taxation.”

Despite turning a profit in an otherwise sour year for the industry, Capcom has lowered its sales expectations for the coming year by 32% and its profit expectations by 76%. This was blamed on restructuring of the arcade section of Capcom’s business, as well as possible delays to key titles expected in 2010. Could this indicate that Dead Rising 2 might slip back into 2011?

The company also noted that recent release Dark Void is unlikely to meet its sales expectations. The game currently has a score of 59 (Xbox 360 version) on and as a result, sales have been tepid.