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Rumor: Guitar Hero: Queen?

Queen guitarist Brian May let slip that his band may soon have their own Guitar Hero game. In an interview with Swedish site DN, May said he believes the game will be out next year and will allow players to

Peter Moore: No SSX Game Currently In Development

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has said that a new SSX game isn’t in the works right now despite rumors to the contrary. “SSX is a fabulous piece of intellectual property. You never say never, there’s nothing to say right

Rumor: 3DS Arriving For Holiday Season

According to a source speaking to CVG, Nintendo will make a marketing push for the 3DS towards the end of October, and could see limited amounts of the handheld arriving in stores in time for the Holiday season.

Rumor: Source Engine 2 and Half-Life 3 To Be At E3

Could Half-Life 3 and Source Engine 2 be appearing at E3 next week? It seems that just may be the ace up Valve’s sleeve. Let us dissect this latest Valve-related rumor:

Leaked GameStop Ad Shows Black Wii

That uber-cool black Wii that’s available in virtually every region of the world except North America may finally be arriving on our shores. A leaked GameStop ad that was e-mailed anonymously to Kotaku by a GameStop employee highlights the black