Peter Moore: No SSX Game Currently In Development

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has said that a new SSX game isn’t in the works right now despite rumors to the contrary.

“SSX is a fabulous piece of intellectual property. You never say never, there’s nothing to say right now,” Moore told Eurogamer.

The comment comes on the heels of a rumor that Criterion, who is currently developing Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, is also developing a new SSX game. The popular snowboarding title has yet to be seen on current generation, high-definition consoles.

Eurogamer asked Moore about what a new SSX game would look like, and Moore referred to Tricky. “Well, everybody talks about Tricky,” he said. “I think we’d have to look at how you bring back SSX’s snowboarding mechanic and make it relevant.

“It’s been a number of years, some people may not even have played an SSX game. You’ve got to look at the current marketplace and Shaun White coming back again.”

It will be interesting to see whether EA Sports is just blowing hot air right now because they aren’t ready to reveal a new SSX game. With Moore speaking about Tricky, it seems there could be some work already taking place on an SSX title with Tricky as an influence.

Shaun White is undoubtedly the king of the snowboarding games right now, but gamers are clamoring for a new SSX game, and EA Sports is likely to deliver on the wishes at some point this generation. We’ll see if anything comes to light over the next few weeks or months.

Source: Eurogamer