Leaked GameStop Ad Shows Black Wii

That uber-cool black Wii that’s available in virtually every region of the world except North America may finally be arriving on our shores. A leaked GameStop ad that was e-mailed anonymously to Kotaku by a GameStop employee highlights the black Wii with black Wiimote and Motionplus for $199.

“Now Available in Black” says the ad. In addition, it advertises a $50 bonus value with both Wii Sports games included in the bundle.

The ad’s timing matches up with purported rumors that the black Wii would be arriving in the U.S. on May 9 and in Canada on May 23. If so, the timing of the advertisement fits perfectly into the rumored release date.

Representatives from both Nintendo and Amazon refused to comment on rumors and speculation to Joystiq, with Amazon saying, “There has been no official announcement from Nintendo.” We’ll keep this one in the rumor bucket for now, but it seems highly likely that a black Wii is coming very soon to North America. Rejoice, Wii gamers tired of white!!

Source: Kotaku