Review – Uncharted 2: The Siege Expansion Pack

The Siege Expansion pack has arrived and Uncharted 2 Multiplayer fans are in for a treat. It has a new co-op mode called Siege, two new maps (The Highrise and The Museum), six player skins (Wetsuit Drake, Baseball Shirt Drake, Prakoso, Platzor, Glowzor, & Dead Explorer), and 11 new Trophies to unlock. All for the low price of US $5.99 (EURO 5.99 / GBP 4.79). Not a bad deal for some new fun.

Museum Map Courtyard

The Museum

Set at dusk amongst the courtyards and display cases at the site of Drake and Flynn’s heist, The Museum provides players with a mix of intense gameplay covering traversing across rooftops, dodging gunfire through twisting corridors, and close quarters fighting. Players need to watch their backs as there are numerous flank routes in all parts of this circular map. Players should also learn the secret climbing routes that will allow them to get the drop on their opponents.

The Museum

The two new maps are well designed and graphically pleasing. The Museum map has a somewhat closed off design and feel, with the exception of the rooftop fighting. If you stay on the ground, the shotgun and pistola are your friends, but if you feel like climbing up to the rooftops, make sure you have something with a little more reach.

The Museum: Rooftops and Rifles
The Highrise
Towering over the streets of Nepal, The Highrise is a map with plenty of opportunities for players to get the high ground on their opponents. Set on a series of destroyed and under-construction buildings, players need to be on their toes as there are many different jump locations and paths around the map. Players should also watch out for the incoming airstrikes, as they can clear the rooftops in seconds.

The High Rise map is more open and sniper friendly.

Highrise: Snipers Wanted

The views from the top of the Highrise are breathtaking and live up to the standards set in previous maps and modes for Uncharted 2.

Highrise: Killer View

Siege mode consists of a new multiplayer mode where you and two buddies team up to capture a designated area and hold it while battling off an ensuing attack until your capture meter is full. Sounds easy enough, and for the first couple of waves (there are ten waves to completion) it is. As you progress through the rounds, the enemy waves consist of harder to kill bad guys. What starts out as grunts, quickly turns into armored men with shotguns and then the GAU19 wielding behemoths. Not only do you have to watch your back, but you better be watching your buddy’s back as well. Teamwork is the key.

Uncharted 2 was an awesome game with a fun and exciting multiplayer aspect that added to the overall experience. The Naughty Dog team continues to put out content and is doing a great job of extending the multiplayer aspect. With a low price point, new maps and skins, and even added trophies, this is DLC that shouldn’t be passed up.

Grab a mic and a couple of buddies and have fun!