Ricmotech Thrustmaster TH8A Short Shifter Kit Review – Making Great Even Better


To go with our recently reviewed TH8A shifter, and to address the only real complaint we had with it, we added a short shift kit.

Is it worth the $30 price tag?

The TH8A shifter add-on by Thrustmaster is by far one of the best gaming peripherals we have ever came across. Our only complaint is that the shifter itself is an inch or two too tall and makes for a longer shift pattern. Luckily we weren’t the only ones that felt that way as the folks over at Ricmotech addressed the problem for us.


They created a simple adapter that raises the H plate almost an inch thereby changing the geometry of the shift pattern so as to shorten it considerably. With the TH8A’s contactless internal design, you end up needing less gear stick travel, and this equals quicker shifts, which in turn equals faster lap times.

The adapter installs in seconds as you only need to remove the four H Pattern plate screws, line-up the adapter with the holes and a small plastic pin, and then use the new, longer screws to hold it in place. the kit also comes with a heat-shrink cover to protect your shifter , but if you don’t have a heat gun to apply it, you can use electrical tape and it will give you almost the same protection.


What really should seal the deal here is the fact that Ricmotech is a licensed partner with Thrustmaster, as that should vouch for their quality and expertise. The adapter is made to fit the shifter exactly, and lines up perfectly.


Looking at the underside of the adapter shows the alignment pin that makes sure there’s no guesswork involved in installing the piece.

The adapter is available right now on the Ricmotech website for $29.95, and if you’re serious about wanting faster lap times (we cut 5 seconds off at Sonoma Short), and are currently using the TH8A (or even the older TH8RS shifter), than you should seriously consider ordering one of these.


Louis Edwards

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