Jane Jensen’s Gray Matter Confirmed For Xbox 360

Gray Matter, an adventure game being made by Jane Jensen and being published by dtp entertainment, will be coming to the PC and Xbox 360.

The news comes as a surprise as the game, announced years earlier for the PC, was supposedly also being made for the Wii. While adventure fans on the Wii will undoubtedly be disappointed, Xbox 360 adventure enthusiasts should be awfully excited.

Jensen is the mind behind Gabriel Knight, one of the most highly acclaimed adventure titles of all time. Her new title should bring welcome relief to a generation of gamers growing up starved of new adventure titles. While its admirable that Sam & Max as well as Monkey Island have been revived, a new adventure IP is a welcome addition to my Xbox 360 catalog. In fact, I was so adventure-starved this year that I downloaded and played King’s Quest V and King’s Quest VI to relive the good old days.

Gray Matter is looking excellent, as evidenced in the screens below.