Alan Wake First Review: 93/100

A Spanish magazine, Hobby Consolas, has published the first review of Alan Wake and they have awarded the game with a 93/100.

The article, which was scanned and posted over at Kokugamer, reveals that the game last up to 16-hours and has “spectacular lightning, atmosphere and sounds combined with big scares and a perfect story rhythm that will leave you glued to the controller from start to finish.”

Alan Wake has taken a long time to arrive, but with its release coming on May 18 in North America (May 14 in Europe) the wait is almost over and it seems that at least one magazine feels that was worthwhile. In addition, it swonderful news to hear that the game has a significant story length. Too many games today last 5-7 hours, and a 16-hour experience really makes a game worth the money.

Check out the scans at Kokugamer, as long as you can read Spanish you should be good to go.