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Guns of Icarus Online Adventure Mode Funded

Over $200,000 Raised!

EPIDEMIC ALERT: Japanese Adventure Game Strain Identified in North America

Thousands expected to succumb by year’s end Full details after the jump.

Review – PSN Mini Guerilla War

Are you ready to go to war, old school style? Read our review to find out if this old school game can muster up enough fun to be worth your time and hard drive space..

Jane Jensen’s Gray Matter Confirmed For Xbox 360

Gray Matter, an adventure game being made by Jane Jensen and being published by dtp entertainment, will be coming to the PC and Xbox 360. The news comes as a surprise as the game, announced years earlier for the PC,

French Developer Offers Chance to Save the Dodo

Dodogo, an action/ strategy game release by French game developer Alien After All, has been announced for the DSi. The game features a story about Dodo eggs being scattered across an island during the Cretaceous period by a rogue wave.