French Developer Offers Chance to Save the Dodo

Dodogo, an action/ strategy game release by French game developer Alien After All, has been announced for the DSi. The game features a story about Dodo eggs being scattered across an island during the Cretaceous period by a rogue wave. The wave also brought a bevy of dangerous predators.

Gameplay is pretty simple according to Alien After All as players find themselves, “Armed with just a toolbox and their own ingenuity, [they] will have to manage the environment to secure a free passage for the Dodo eggs. Players cannot control the eggs themselves, but they can change the surroundings in which they operate. Digging, backfilling, sawing, scraping, cutting … these are all legitimate actions that players can carry out in order to succeed in their mission to bring the eggs back undamaged.”

This sounds reminscient of the old Lemmings game that came out on computers, Sega Genesis, and the SNES way back when. If Dodogo is anything like that then sign me up. I loved that game as a child.

Alien After All was kind enough to release a list of features for the game as well:

DodoGo! features:

  • Charismatic and engaging main characters with distinct personalities;
  • Easy to pick up, with intuitive gameplay, making it accessible from seven year olds to 77 year olds;
  • More interaction with the environment: dig, cut, scratch, place items, connect them together to create new traps;
  • Accessible to all thanks to dip-in, dip-out gameplay and progressive levels of difficulty;
  • No stress! To each their own pace, and their own stylus. Whether a hardcore player, casual gamer or a youngster, everyone will find a challenge to suit them: performances, achievements and lap times for the seasoned gamer; caution and character handling for the casual player; fun, and treats in store for the young DS audience;
  • Multiple solutions. Give free rein to your imagination and you can find alternative ways!
  • A colourful universe, fun and exotic in a modern graphic style blending cartoon, animation and Flash;
  • Saving a single egg gives you the right to be included in the internet World Ranking on the game’s official website, and to be featured on the front page of the official website.

Dodogo has been rated E for everyone and will be available via DSiWare soon.

Eric Surrell

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