Sniper Elite Puts The Wii In Its Sights

Reef Entertainment, the UK developed behind the best-selling shooter Sniper Elite, announced today that they would be releasing a remake of the much-loved shooter for the Wii. Citing the Wii’s unique controller as the main reason, Reef aims to make Sniper Elite, “an essential purchase for all shooter fans.”

In their press release they stated, “Sniper EliteTM represents our most ambitious project yet. We have taken a game which has been called ‘the Gran Turismo of War Games’ and we will fully immerse gamers into Berlin 1945. Rifle add-ons such as the Wii Zapper have been a primary focus to make the game as realistic and exciting as possible. We believe this will be one of the most fun shooter titles launched in 2010.”

Reef Entertainment also promises to deliver a raft load of new features to the game in addition to its current story. These additional features haven’t been revealed yet.

While I never played the original Sniper Elite when it came out on the PS2, Xbox, and PC, it did receive a 76/ 100 on Metacritic with a 9.4 out of 10 in user reviews. Not the best score from the press, but your average Johnny Q thought was good.

As a note, Sniper Elite also was one of the first games to pioneer the bullet physics used in realistic warfare games such as the Call of Duty series and Battlefield games. Look forward to seeing the release of Sniper Elite in the second quarter of 2010.