Review – PSN Mini Guerilla War

Are you ready to go to war, old school style? Read our review to find out if this old school game can muster up enough fun to be worth your time and hard drive space..

For being some what, if not the same game as, Ikari Warriors, this Mini didn’t really keep up to par, entertainment wise.

Guerilla  Wars takes place on an unknown caribbean island that is being raided by two unknown soldiers.(In the original Japanese version Guevara, the two main characters are Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Fidel Castro)

This game takes you through four somewhat difficult levels with enemies that lob grenades left and right, that lay down mines a lot, and has four bosses that all end up having the same amount of health. The fact that you end up losing a lot of lives during the campaign and during the boss fights really doesn’t make the game all that fun because you end up dying more then you get to play. Personally, I think the best and fastest way to beat the bosses would be to crack finger the X button till he’s dead….You can also edit the number of lives from 3 to 5 in the options menu and if you run out of continues while playing , just press the triangle button a bunch to gain a large amount of continues.

There are massive amounts of enemies that you have to battle your way through. While on your way through the levels, you run into hostages that you can free to get a whopping 1000 points for. But if you end up accidentally shooting them or taking to long to free them, which leads to the A.I. executing them, you get a prize! You end up receiving  -500 points, Isn’t that awesome!?…..Anyway.

You can destroy blockades (which are placed everywhere) that can end up being re-built by the enemies constantly if you don’t pass them quick enough.The aiming (with the use of the L1 & R1 buttons) in the game is pretty slow, but you can adjust the aiming by entering the options menu and selecting auto aim which allows you to aim by using the right thumb stick, Faster aiming but might get a little irritating due to the fact your guy cant stay straight, so normal aiming works much better.

You can change the difficulty, but the only difference is that the enemies move faster, shoot faster, and throw those damn grenades faster. So doing so will just lead to more deaths and more continues.

Overall the best part of the game is trying to figure out how to kill the last boss, since you can’t see him at all and he’s bombarding you with missiles which leads to….you guessed it, more deaths and continues. YAY!

Guerilla War is your typical old school, top-down shooter that you would have played at the arcade back in the day with Golden Axe, Ikari Warriors, and all those other short games that you spent all your lunch money, that you saved up for a week, on trying to be #1 on the high score chart. But since this is on the PSN store, the only money you would be spending is $2.99 to buy the game, unless your a PlayStation Plus member, then you get the game free.

So in the end, if your a big fan of Ikari Warriors, you will love this game. But personally…this isn’t my cup of tea. Also, due to fact that the games doesn’t have multiplayer, which would probably make the game somewhat buy-able,  I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone. Guerilla Wars is not something that I can see my self or anyone I know playing over and over again. To me this Mini isn’t worth the money, time, or space on the PS3 or PSP system.