Terminal Gamer’s 10 Most Anticipated Xbox 360 Games of 2010

1. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect was an epic, gorgeous, highly-interactive gaming experience. A space-based RPG that offered challenging gameplay, difficult moral decisions, commentary on relations between alien races, and the desire for power. In Mass Effect, humanity was a newcomer to the galactic universe, having recently discovered a way to travel throughout the galaxy via Mass Relays, ancient constructs that allow spaceships to travel from one Mass Relay to another at hyperspeed. The game focused on Saren, a Spectre who allied himself with Sovereign, a member of a mechanical species, the Reapers, long considered to be fictional. But, when Saren and Sovereign attack a human outpost, it is up to Commander Shepard, a Human Alliance military member to track him down and find out what he is planning. What Shepard discovers is a terrifying plot to bring the Reapers into the galaxy to destroy all life as they had done 50,000 years earlier and had done for many cycles throughout history. At the end of Mass Effect, Shepard had stopped Sovereign from opening a Mass Relay that would have brought hundreds of Reapers through to destroy the galaxy, though he knows that his work isn’t finished.

Mass Effect 2 picks up where Mass Effect left off. A new enemy has risen, and Shepard must travel into the darkest parts of the galaxy to recruit a team of the most ruthless, vicious, and crazy warriors and murderers throughout the galaxy. On a mission that everyone says is suicide, Shepard must continue his quest to ensure the safety of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Mass Effect 2 will feature improved graphics and improved combat, but more importantly, it is going to be a dark, involved story that is “the Empire Strikes Back of the Mass Effect universe.” Mass Effect 2 will be shipping on two discs to handle all the content of the game, suggesting a much longer playing experience than the first game, which offered well over 50 hours of gameplay. Mass Effect 2 will also feature the ability to transfer your player from the first game into the second game. Not only will Shepard carry over his skills and his level (up to level 60) but he will also carry with him the decisions he made, and those decisions will change the story of Mass Effect 2 so that every single person playing Mass Effect 2 might have a different gameplay experience. Did you save the Council is Mass Effect or did you let them die? Did you rescue Kaidan or Williams on Virmire? Were you a Renegade or a Paragon? All these decisions will play into the second game in the trilogy, a massive, sprawling title from Bioware, which is not only our most anticipated Xbox 360 title of the year, but our most anticipated Xbox 360 title ever.

If you haven’t played Mass Effect yet, pick it up now. You will not regret the purchase at all (it’s available for $15 used at Gamestop) and you will feel a massive reward for your actions when Mass Effect 2 is shaped by your decisions from the first game.

Mass Effect 2 is close to its release date, it will be hitting store shelves on January 26, 2010.

Mass Effect 2 isn't just our most anticipated Xbox 360 game of 2010, it's one of our most anticipated games of all time. January 26 seems so far away...

Mass Effect 2 isn't just our most anticipated Xbox 360 game of 2010, it's one of our most anticipated games of all time. January 26 seems so far away...

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