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Final Pre-Release Details On Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update

Even though the next highly-anticipated update for Valve’s Team Fortress 2 is due out in just a few short days, the team is still hard at work sanding down the edges and giving us some last minute information. If you’re

Team Fortress 2 Gets “Highlander” Game Mode

Oh Yes, Folks. Team Fortress 2 Players Are Getting A New Game Mode

Team Fortress 2 War Update: Soldier’s Win

Soldiers win Team Fortress 2's coveted seventh weapon in duel with Demomen

Team Fortress 2: War Update

Soliders Lead Demomen as War Rages for Elusive 7th Weapon

War Update Coming to Team Fortress 2

Impending Update Includes Exclusive Seventh Weapon to Be Awarded to Either Solider or Demoman Class Based Upon "Votes"