Team Fortress 2: War Update

Soliders Lead Demomen as War Rages for Elusive 7th Weapon

Team Fortress 2’s latest update, providing both Soldiers and Demomen with three new weapons apiece, has a highly contested 7th weapon (to be awarded to only one class) that is still unknown.

The class that receives the elusive, 7th weapon, will be the class that kills more of the opposition. Soldiers and Demomen have been fighting each other for supremacy all week long and, as of now, the war is still hotly contested and too close to call.

The tallies as of today:

Number of dead Soldiers: 2,802,215

Number of dead Demomen: 3,021,214

Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 3.50.48 PM

Terminal Gamer will continue to provide updates on the War as it continues through the week, and you can also keep tabs on the war via the Team Fortress 2 Site.