Final Pre-Release Details On Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update

Even though the next highly-anticipated update for Valve’s Team Fortress 2 is due out in just a few short days, the team is still hard at work sanding down the edges and giving us some last minute information. If you’re a fan of this massively popular tactical shooter, hit the jump to find out everything you need to about the imminent release of this latest patch.

Team Fortress 2’s next update will finally give the engineer some much needed attention. The most notable change is the addition of the Wrangler to the soft-spoken Texan’s arsenal. The Wrangler, which can be swapped out for the engineer’s pistol, will give the player total control over their sentry gun’s aiming and firing capabilities. At first this might seem counter-intuitive the engineer’s philosophy of “hide in a corner and smack your sentry with a wrench while it kills everything,” but as it turns out, this new feature comes with a host of tradeoffs that are sure to change the way people play the class.

The first, most obvious change that comes with complete control of the sentry gun is that the engineer actually has something to do now, meaning that he can finally be a truly enjoyable class to play instead of a monotonous, albeit important, bore. The other perk to hopping in the gunner seat is that the sentry gun itself receives a few technical upgrades. These include a rocket launcher that can fire off rounds more quickly and a shield that will allow the gun to take significantly more damage before it is destroyed.

The engineer will also receive a new shotgun in the update. The weapon, named Frontier Justice, has a smaller magazine than the traditional shotgun and doesn’t make random critical hits. However, what it lacks in those departments, players can make up for with their sentry gun skills. For every kill that a player’s sentry scores, Frontier Justice will make two guaranteed critical hits, meaning that a well placed sentry could very well turn the engineer into the front-lines berserk players have always wished he could be.

The update will also include an official new Payload map, straight from Valve. The map is titled Upward, and can be checked out at Valve’s official engineer update site.

The update is set to release later this week as a free in-game patch via Valve’s Steam service. This one easily one of the game’s most anticipated updates, as it is the engineer’s first update ever. So, for all you Team Fortress 2 engineer fans out there, get ready to lock it, load it, and alter your play style drastically when this new content hits the community in just a few short days.