Purchase Crackdown 2, Unlock A Secret Perfect Dark Character

First off, let me just say that I hope everybody had a great Fourth of July weekend. Mine was a blast. Bad jokes aside, the last few days have seen some pretty big news coming from the gaming industry. One particularly interesting piece of information that’s surfaced has to do with a collaboration between the teams behind Crackdown 2 and the Xbox Live Arcade version of Perfect Dark.

When Perfect dark was ported to the Xbox 360, the team behind the effort incorporated a host of subtle changes from the original title. Among these changes were graphical tweaks, swapping of enemy faces with those of developers, and the addition of achievements. One of the changes that you wouldn’t have noticed, however, has to do with the Combat Simulator mode (the multiplayer modes, for those of you not up on your Perfect Dark lingo). Nestled deep within the lines of code that make up the game is a secret character model for use in the Combat Simulator. Now you might be asking yourself who this character is. The answer is Crackdown’s very own Agent 4.

But how exactly do you go about unlocking Agent 4? That’s where the team behind Crackdown 2 comes in. They’ve allowed the Agent 4 character model to be included in the game under the condition that the only way to unlock it is to buy a copy of Crackdown 2. All you need to do to unlock this cross-franchise Easter egg is to start a Crackdown 2 game and create a save file. The next time you boot up Perfect Dark, the game will recognize your Crackdown 2 save file and unlock the character model.

This move isn’t really necessary, and it probably won’t do too much to boost the sales figures of Crackdown 2, but it is a nice gesture for the fans of both series.  So, is this character model really enough incentive to shell out the sixty dollars for a copy of Crackdown 2 that you wouldn’t have bought otherwise? Probably not. But if you’re already planning on buying the game, there’s no reason not to spend the ten dollars it costs to download Perfect Dark. It’s a classic title that helped set the stage for modern shooters, and you could do a hell of a lot worse for an in game bonus.