Hulu Plus Won’t Require PlayStation Plus Subscription

PlayStation 3 owners should breathe easier tonight – Hulu has confirmed that Hulu Plus does not require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

In an e-mail sent out to VG247 today, Hulu stated:

“With the launch of Hulu Plus there have been many rumors started and we are trying our best to remedy the situation. Specifically to your question, the PlayStation Plus service is only a requirement during the preview period.

“Once the preview period ends you should be able to download the Hulu Plus app but that will still require the Hulu Plus subscription.

“Right now we are limiting the number of users but Hulu Plus will be launching to the public very soon so stay tuned!”

Rumors had led people to believe that PlayStation Plus would be required in order to use Hulu Plus, which would have been a $20 investment per month for users.

Hulu Plus will offer full seasons of TV shows and will essentially allow people to catch up on any show they want to. Hulu will still be free in its basic edition, providing the latest episodes of shows.

Xbox 360 users can expect to receive Hulu Plus service in early 2011, so they have a ways to go.