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PlayStation Plus Expanding to Cover the PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Plus is an incredible service that gives you free content and reduced prices on many downloadable items on the PlayStation Network. The service is now coming to the PS Vita. Details after the jump.

PlayStation Plus Users Get a Bonanza This Week on the PSN

Sony has offered their users a premium experience on the PSN for quite some time. If you haven’t checked it out yet, now might be the time. Free stuff this week just might cover your entire year’s subscription price. Full

Hulu Plus Won’t Require PlayStation Plus Subscription

PlayStation 3 owners should breathe easier tonight – Hulu has confirmed that Hulu Plus does not require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

E3 2010: PlayStation Plus, Full Details

During Sony's keynote press conference they announced the upcoming PlayStation Plus which is going to be a premium, subscription-based program where members get exclusive access to particular content, much like Xbox Live Gold. Now all the details are available so