E3 2010: PlayStation Plus, Full Details

During Sony’s keynote press conference they announced the upcoming PlayStation Plus which is going to be a premium, subscription-based program where members get exclusive access to particular content, much like Xbox Live Gold. Now all the details are available so why not continue on after the break and see what’s in store?

Full Game Trial
Members will be able to download and play full versions of certain PS3, PSN, and PS1 games for a designated duration per offer. Then, after the duration, you can purchase the game for keeps. The available titles will change every month.

There are going to be certain designated titles that members will be able to download the full version of and play as long as he or she may wish, so long as they remain a PlayStation Plus member.

Special Content
PlayStation Plus will enable members of the program to have access to exclusive avatars and custom themes at no extra cost to the member.

Not only will members get all of that free stuff, but they’ll also receive discounts on “designated” PS3 and PSP titles. These will change every month just like the full game trial.

Early Access
PlayStation Plus members will get early access to game beta trials, game demos, and video content.

Automatic Download
Members can set up automatic downloads of demos and game updates as soon as they are available. The PlayStation 3 console will start up at a predetermined time to download the content and turn off automatically once the content is finished downloading.

Doesn’t that all sound just great? Also, any trophies earned during the full game trials will be kept for your profile. Now you’re probably wondering how much this will all cost you, so here are the prices, for North America and Europe only:

90 days: NA – $17.99, Europe – €14.99
Full year: NA – $49.99, Europe – €49.99

There it is. Everything you need to know about PlayStation Plus to determine whether or not you’ll subscribe when it’s available June 29th, 2010.

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