Team Fortress 2 Gets “Highlander” Game Mode

Oh Yes, Folks. Team Fortress 2 Players Are Getting A New Game Mode

February 4, 2010 Team Fortress 2, the excellent, class-based multiplayer shooter from Valve is getting a new game mode. The game mode, called “Highlander,” will add a new dimension to the game by forcing players to work together as a team.

Because the game mode ensures that teams are equally balanced with only one of each class on the team it will force more strategy and less blind-firing into enemy territory.

The new map is part of a new Team Fortress 2 update for the PC which includes updating maps, fixing exploits and remove clipping issues.

Sounds fun and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Team Fortress 2 is quite simply one of the most addictive online games out there today.

Source: Team Fortress Update

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