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Review – Sideway: New York

Sony Online Entertainment, along with Fuel Entertainment and Play Brains created one of this year’s unique 2D platformer sidescroller in a 3D world. Is it worth it’s download price, or should it be kicked to the curb? Hold on to

Review – SNK’s Metal Slug 2

In the late 90’s the arcade cabinets were the greatest thing. Metal Slug 2 was among the most popular games. If you are lucky you can still find an arcade cabinet with that game on it now a days. What’s

Review – SNK’s World Heroes

SNK Playmore has brought us another of their classic arcade games onto the PSN. World Heroes is now available for the PlayStation 3 system and for the PlayStation Portable. Not sure if this game still kicks butt as it did

Review – SNK’s Shock Troopers

SNK Playmore has been bringing their best old-school titles to the PlayStation Network for both the PlayStation 3 System and for the PlayStation Portable. Another great title has been added. Shock Troopers is an over-the-top arcade shooter that is now

Review – PSN Mini Athena

Another SNK Minis title has been released on the PlayStation Network for the PS3 and the PSP. Athena. This time it’s an old school platform action arcade game. You are a half-naked warrior princess (named Athena, duh) that has fallen