Review – SNK’s Shock Troopers

SNK Playmore has been bringing their best old-school titles to the PlayStation Network for both the PlayStation 3 System and for the PlayStation Portable. Another great title has been added. Shock Troopers is an over-the-top arcade shooter that is now available on the PSN. Not sure if this game is worthy? You might want to get your boots on and march towards our review to find out.


The game was originally developed and published in 1997. Having an 80’s style Hollywood action movie plot, the story starts with our hero’s girlfriend, and the daughter to a world renowned scientist, being kidnap and held for ransom. The scientist must give them secret Intel or his daughter will die. You must put a stop to the menace trying to take over the world who is trying to get rid of the team at the same time.

At the character selection screen, you can choose your character

8 Characters:

  • Jackal –Male- an expert in assault rifles and he carries hand grenades that are thrown with an arc that allows it to get over vehicles and enemy is taking cover, even though they might be low on power he does get more his other team mates.
  • Milky –Female- she is quick at moving, but with average power weapons and bombs, after they exploding the will throw flames in a short radius damaging any enemy hiding from cover.
  • Loki –Male- close enough attributes as Jackal, except that he uses a rocket launcher that each rocket does a massive damage to anywhere it hits.
  • Southern Cross –Male- he uses a weapon with two barrels because it fires two streams of bullets that do above average damage, he also uses a bomb trigger boomerang (once throw he can’t catch it, but he has a certain amount of them) than goes in an arc if hits anything it will explode in a semi-short radius.
  • Marie Bee –Female- her battle attributes are about the same as Milky’s, only thing is that she uses a heat seeking missile that does low damage.
  • Rio –Male- tough looking (his appearances represent Rambo in some ways) not the strongest but the weakest from the team, Rio does average weapon damage and his bombs are arrows throw from a cross bow that are trigger and explode after a few moment doing a fairly amount of damage.
  • Maru –Male- A bit over weight, but don’t let his looks fool you. Maru carries a weapon that fire a double stream of bullets that do a bit more damage, he bombs are gas poison canisters that is strong enough to take down any enemy within its radius.
  • Big Mama –Female- she might be slow but she has a weapon that also fires two streams of bullets (the damage are almost the same as Maru’s), her bombs is rocket launcher that fires a rocket with massive damage destroying anything at its path. She gets the least number of bombs from all her team mates.

Also you will notice that on the left hand side of the screen on the character selection, there is two choices of “Lonly Wolf” (yes, that’s how it’s written) and “Team Wolf”, Lonely is just the same character you selected, but in Team Wolf you get to choose from three different characters that are switchable throughout the game.

If you have purchased other SNK Collection games (I don’t see why you wouldn’t, they are awesomely fun), then the menu is the same, to access it press the Select button to see the all the features. The save and loading options are available but must be accessed manually. The game has the default screen size, so you might want to change it. To do that go to options and chose “custom” in the screen size, that way you can re-size to the size of your TV.

For the controls, they are customizable and can be changed however you wish. Press the X button and aim with the left analog stick. Press the Square button to fire your weapon. The triangle button is to throw your bombs, depending on your character of course.

The next screen will be the selection of what route to take to the enemy’s base. The routes are  “Mountain Route”, “Jungle Route”, and “Valley Route”. All three routes will get you to the big enemy’s base and to the final boss fight. But each route has different enemies, terrains, and enemy vehicles. On a route you even get a vehicle to drive and take down enemies as you go. This adds re-playability in that you can play again using a different route.

Many things have been improved. The sound is clearer. The visuals are brighter and more detailed. All of the character animations have been tweaked to make them more visible. All of the weapons hit detection is more precise. Four different difficulty settings are in the game. If you’re new to this genre there’s always Easy mode. For the masters of it there’s Hard mode. Despite experiencing some heavy frame drop from too many explosions going on at one time, that doesn’t take away from the overall game experience.

Online and local co-op is available, but I didn’t find anyone to play with via online. The game has a feature to search for someone to play with while you play the game.

Want to feel like unstoppable one-man-army then this might be the game for you just coming in at 77 MB of download size and an $8.99 price tag for the PS3 version ($6.99 for the PSP). Take a break from today’s modern FPS games and give the game a try, you won’t regret it.