Review – Sideway: New York

Sony Online Entertainment, along with Fuel Entertainment and Play Brains created one of this year’s unique 2D platformer sidescroller in a 3D world. Is it worth it’s download price, or should it be kicked to the curb? Hold on to those spray-cans and read our review to find out..

Sideway: New York is a PlayStation Network exclusive, being one of the eight PSN exclusive in Sony’s new program “Only On PSN” throughout the month of October.

The game uses graffiti to take on a new gameplay style and set up cool puzzles. The story is nicely written and easy to follow. You must go into an unknown world that is controlled by Spray, a sinister graffiti tagger who is planning to take over not only the Sideway world but also the real world. He also kidnapped your friend Cass.

In the game, you play as Nox. An all around tough fella who is ready for anything, but he’s not invincible. The game does very well introducing you to the control mechanics, and how to use them to its fullest. Nox is able to stick to any wall he is currently on, if not a wall then the roof will become your wall. To explain this further, the walls of a building become your path and if the path is blocked you take the roof. This will change the camera perspective and the point of view.

The beauty of the game stands out in every angle. So colorful, even the enemies have cute animations. As you advance throughout the game, many different types of enemies will be waiting for you. Luckily, you will be awarded with awesome fighting moves. One of them being the paint kick. This will come in very handy when taking out tougher enemies that need to be stunned before killing them. Once defeated, they will leave a paint mark behind on the wall. Be careful, some enemies shoot eyes out of them and can knock you back if hit by one. Other types of enemies duplicate themselves adding strategy to the game in order to take them out. The game has great checkpoint system allowing you to continue playing non-stop.

Sound, controls and visual art are great. The visual art, like I mentioned before, stands out everywhere. The sound is crisp and clear, and the soundtrack is kick-ass. The controls are responsive but getting the double jump can be frustrating and tricky. The challenges are super fun and you have to think outside the box in order to solve some of them. Clearing paths and collect secret tags can be tricky as well.

Co-op (Local) is available but it does not work as it should be. Boss battles are very easy and it seems like the developers were trying to go for a casual audience (which is not a bad thing). The story will take around 4 hours to complete so it’s a bit short, but if you plan on completing the game to 100% then add another 90 minutes because secret tags and collectives are hidden very well. Despite having a few issues, none take too much away from enjoying Sideway: New York.

Sideway: New York has a unique style of platforming that makes playing it a fun experience for everyone. Coming with a $9.99 price tag and a download size of 1670 MB (1.6 GB) Sideway: New York is a game that you will fall in love with.