Review – PSN Mini Athena

Another SNK Minis title has been released on the PlayStation Network for the PS3 and the PSP. Athena. This time it’s an old school platform action arcade game. You are a half-naked warrior princess (named Athena, duh) that has fallen through a forbidden door to a mysterious world. Begin weaponless and almost naked. Is this game worth your time and money? Read our review to find out.


This platform game was originally release in 1986 by SNK, being later imported to the NES by a different developer.  Only a few things were improved since its original release, and for the most part the only major thing added was the ability to save and load your progress. You’ll probably spend more time saving and loading than actually playing the game. This has the same menu interface as the Ikari Warriors Minis (press Select button to access). One aspect of the game that was barely touched was the AI, they are still are quick and can kill you very easily. Left analog stick or the D-pad is for movement you can also crouch and X button is for melee attack, Circle button is to jump. Pressing the Triangle button allows you to add Coins (Continues) to the game.

For a $2.99 price tag (should be more like .99 cents or FREE), it’s a bit over priced for what you are getting. Once you press Start, you better have your game face on because the game won’t go easy on you. The game does has a difficulty setting option, but if it’s already on easy, you can’t really change it. Even on Easy the game is very difficult. The game has various upgrades from armor to weaponry and these can be found if an enemy drops it after dying or by destroying walls (yes, walls or blocks that make the walls and good luck advancing far enough to find a piece). For being a warrior princess, she is really pathetic. If you get hit 3 times or less, depending on the enemy, you will be die. Even from the smallest creature you can be killed, and this will lead to seeing the “press start to continue” screen many times. Again, it would be better to keep on saving your progress as you advance.

It gets repetitive and boring very quickly. Multiple paths can be the cause of falling into a hole or being surprised by an enemy and ending up dying. The game doesn’t tell you where the objective is or where to go.  Overall, the game is not worth your money especially at $2.99. I have played better Minis.


Please don't kill me.

If you thought that this game would be a great time killer, it’s NOT. Unless, you enjoy being stuck at the beginning of the level for more than 28 minutes, keep your money for a worthy game. You aren’t missing anything special.