Review – SNK’s Metal Slug 2

In the late 90’s the arcade cabinets were the greatest thing. Metal Slug 2 was among the most popular games. If you are lucky you can still find an arcade cabinet with that game on it now a days. What’s even better is now it’s available for purchase on the PlayStation Network as a NEOGEO Station game collection. Trying to fight the urge of getting the game, but at the same time not so sure if it’s worth it? Hold on to those quarters as you get ready to read our review to find out.




Metal Slug 2 is a run and gun side scroller developed and published by SNK in 1998 that is  now available for purchase as a downloadable game on PSN. Not only has it kept most of its humor animations and unique aspects, but it also got some improvements along the way.


In this sequel to the first Metal Slug game, General Morden (You can see in his name written in each stage’s boss battle in red ink) is still trying to take over the world and this time with the help from aliens from outer space. Two new playable characters have joined the Peregrine Falcon squad, Eri Kasamoto and Fiolina Germi for a total of four playable characters.  The game also added new weapons, new vehicles, and new supporting AI characters that fight alongside you. One of new weapons that was added is the Laser gun and is capable of taking out multiple enemies with a single fire.  A new vehicle you will see is a camel strapped with dual machine guns or Camel Slug as the game refers to it. A new type of fire bomb that ignites multiple enemies is be introduced in Stage 2 among the dangerously purple color smoke and rolling bombs. The smoke and bombs add a new level of awareness and strategy. If hit by it you’ll lose your current special weapon and your speed will be dramatically reduced, but don’t fear because there is a crystal bottle that can be found by killing enemies. Once dropped it will return you to your human form.


Some of the new features and technical improvements are the online co-op feature (offline is still there). Sound quality has been improved. As did the controls. The graphics weren’t touched at all as to maintain its old school look. The menu is the same as the other NEOGEO Station games, just to be safe, for accessing the menu press the Select button. You can save at any giving moment during the game and load as well. Doing both is quick and responsive, and if you are trying to get the highest score then this will come in handy. To jump/ride (Ride is for the vehicles) press the X button. To use the grenades/cannon press the Triangle button. For fire/knife press the Square button. For those who have played this game, there is a difficult setting from Easy to MVS (MVS being the arcade cabinet setting).

I did experience some frame drop (everything will slow down) when too much mayhem was occurring at once on the screen and you might get some during the boss battles, but nothing too serious that was too distracting from the game. Coming with a download size of 88 MB and a $8.99 price tag for the PS3 and $6.99 for the PSP. If you are a PlayStation Plus member (If you aren’t what are you waiting for?) you get an additional 20% off.

You can’t go wrong getting Metal Slug 2. It has moderate replayability and is fun to play alone or with a friend. If you have great memories of this game back in its golden days, then you will love it even more in this new and updated port.


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