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Stadium Events Sells for $800,200 on eBay

Just days after a sealed copy of Stadium Events, an extremely rare NES game sold for $41,300 and shattered the collectible video game price record, another sealed copy has sold for an astounding $800,200.

Rare NES Game Sets Video Game Price Record

A factory-sealed copy of Stadium Events for the Nintendo Entertainment System sold for $41,300 last night, shattering the previous record price for a video game collectible. The auction, held on eBay, eclipsed the old record of $20,100 after only three

StarCraft II Beta Keys Auctioning Off For Hundreds of Dollars

If you’re eager to play the StarCraft II beta but didn’t receive an exclusive invitation to participate, there’s still hope – as long as you have several hundred dollars to spare. Gamers are taking advantage of their Blizzcon beta keys

Man Sells Steam Account On eBay

Garners $1,000 for 139 Games

eBay Holiday Sales Numbers Revealed

eBay “Grey Market” Sales Number Show Potentially Troubling Figures for Sony; Xbox 360 Beats Wii by a Hair January 1, 2010 – Sony might have the most powerful gaming system on the market, but they definitely didn’t have the strongest