eBay Holiday Sales Numbers Revealed

eBay “Grey Market” Sales Number Show Potentially Troubling Figures for Sony; Xbox 360 Beats Wii by a Hair

January 1, 2010 Sony might have the most powerful gaming system on the market, but they definitely didn’t have the strongest sales this holiday season on eBay. According to eBay sales numbers the Playstation 3 made $793,186, less than the both the Xbox 360 and Wii, which brought in $972,774 and $961,128 respectively.

Although the first three generations of the PSP took in $700,865 collectively, each model didn’t seem to do to well on its own. The Nintendo DS sold 5,217 units, hauling in $672,197, and the Dsi sold 3,127 units which made $547,833. The PSPgo only sold 250 units and brought in only $57,233. This was perhaps the most surprising sales figure, considering the PSPgo was supposed to be Sony’s “secret weapon” in the handheld department.

Even though these are the numbers that were sold on eBay and don’t reflect what each company made through the holiday season, they still show that even at a reduced price Sony’s products are currently having a hard time selling. Hopefully Sony will have a better time around next holiday season, because it would be a shame to see such a force in the industry brought down due to products such as PSPgo.

Source: Kotaku

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