Stadium Events Sells for $800,200 on eBay

Just days after a sealed copy of Stadium Events, an extremely rare NES game sold for $41,300 and shattered the collectible video game price record, another sealed copy has sold for an astounding $800,200.

The lucky seller didn’t realize how valuable the game was until he started reading reports about two separate auctions on the game that had netted record sales. He quickly decided to sell his factory-sealed copy of the game and didn’t hesitate to show his excitement in his description of the game, saying, “I nearly crap in my pants when i found out what this is worth and the rarity of this item.”

Stadium Events is so rare because it was made for use with the Family Fun Fitness Mat, a mat that allowed gamers to virtually run in place to race and compete in events. The game was released to a limited American market and was quickly pulled when Nintendo purchased the rights to the Family Fun Fitness Mat and rebranded the item as the Power Pad. Nintendo pulled the games and destroyed all copies with the Family Fun Fitness logo as they resold the game later with the Power Pad trademark. Only 2000 copies were produced and of those 2000 copies, a reported 200 were sold. The game itself is valuable without being sealed, but a sealed copy was estimated to be one of the rarest games in the world and it’s just beginning to come to light that collectible video games are becoming a significant market.

The record sale of $800,200 must have left the seller absolutely astounded. In fact, the game was already at a record value when it entered its final day of bidding on March 1. It began the day at $100,666 and quickly escalated in the final hour from $150,000 to the final price of $800,200.

If this isn’t reason to search for a copy of a rare game in your basement, I don’t know what is. Of course, it could all just be a hoax. After all, the jump between the $41,300 copy sold last week and this week’s $800,200 copy is an astounding 2000% increase in price. Nonetheless, it seems that collectible games are very much so in right now. Get in on it while you can!

Stadium Events NES Game