BioShock’s Arcadia Level Remade for Doom II

BioShock 2’s Lead Level Designer, JP LeBreton has created an homage to BioShock that can be downloaded and played on, well, any PC. The homage is a recreation of BioShock’s lush Arcadia level that was populated with trees, caves and rolling (albeit small) fields. The player has to restore oxygen to the system, which will allow the trees to flourish again and continue to provide oxygen to the city of Rapture.

The “demake” is free to download from JP LeBreton’s website, hot on the heel’s of BioShock 2’s release. While LeBreton was the Lead Level Designer on BioShock 2 he served a smaller, but still significant, role in the creation of BioShock. He was the primary designer of the Farmer’s Market and Arcadia levels.

The designer takes pride in his work as he comments on the project in his developer diary, saying, “I found myself loving the obscure symbolism of something like an armor bonus representing a Saturnine mask, and the challenge of twisting Doom’s often goofy demonic imagery into something recognizably Arcadia-like.”

Check out the developer diary and find the de-make on his website, Vector Poem.