Random House to Write Video Game Stories

The world is no stranger to books inspired by games, with the Halo, Magic: The Gathering, and Resident Evil all having had novelizations published over the last few years, just to name a few. However, it’s a rare day indeed when you see games inspired by books, and even rarer to see a game written by a publishing company. Nonetheless, the popular publisher Random House is doing all that and a bag of chips, announcing that they recently created a new group tasked specifically with writing story lines for games.

Random House president, Gina Centrello, said in a recent statement:

“After more than eighty years, Random House is now taking our storytelling expertise one step further. We are providing a valuable service to other media companies in a competitive entertainment market, where success increasingly depends on the quality of your story. A good story doesn’t necessarily have to begin and end with a game; it can and should encompass as many creative mediums as possible in order to provide fans with the most complete renderings of a fictional place or time.”

The group is already hard at work on a number of projects, the first of which is the story for the upcoming title Elemental: War of Magic. This is a good move, as it not only acts as a refreshing break from the half-baked stories of a lot of recent titles, but also has the potential to set a precedent for a future generation of games in which a good story is just as important as the special effects or voice acting.